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Kizuna: West Meets East Photos


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Passages: Culture Current
Passages: Culture Current

Passages: Culture Current, 2012, by Tetsunori Kawana.

Photo © 2012 Nina Snyder, licensed to About.com
The Denver Botanic Gardens celebrates the collision of cultures in an exhibit of bamboo art, "Kizuna: West Meets East." The exhibit features two artists, Tetsunori Kanawa from Japan and Stephen Talasnik from the U.S., and their bamboo sculptures.

"This is our celebration of Japanese art and culture, especially of bamboo art," said Jennifer Riley-Chetwynd, the director of marketing, PR and events at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

"Kizuna: West Meets East" is on display at the Denver Botanic Gardens from May 5 - Nov. 4, 2012.

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