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City Park Neighborhood in Denver



The City Park neighborhood encompasses City Park, the Denver Zoo, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The neighborhood falls between York St. to the west and Colorado Blvd. to the east. Bounded by 23rd Ave. to the north and Colfax Ave. to the south, the City Park neighborhood attracts many tourists and locals alike.


According to 2011 data from City-Data.com, City Park is home to 2,641 residents. The average value of a detached home was $687,269 in 2011, while $699 covered the median rent in 2011. The low population of the neighborhood is due to the fact that most of the land is used for the park rather than for housing tracts. City Park West neighborhood, located to the west of the Park, has a higher concentration of residential housing. The median household income in City Park for 2011 was $56,784, slightly higher than the median of $47,371 for the entire City & County of Denver.

Married couples made up 32.2% of households in City Park in 2010, with 40.8% married with children. The median age of City Park residents is 37.8 years for men and 36.7 years years years for women, a little bit older than the median age for the City & County of Denver.



  • Le Peep at 1875 York St. offers a cozy spot across from City Park for breakfast and lunch.
  • Mezcal at 3230 E. Colfax Ave. livens up Colfax with tequila tastings and traditional Mexican fare in an offbeat atmosphere.
  • Tommy Thai's at 3410 E. Colfax Ave. serves Pad Thai at reasonable prices. Take-out available.




  • City Park Golf Course at 2500 York St. offers an 18-hole golf course and clubhouse.
  • The Denver Zoo at 2300 Steele St. houses almost 4,000 animals from across the world.
  • The Denver Museum of Nature & Science at 2100 Colorado Blvd. features an IMAX movie theater and special exhibits.


Grocery Stores, Etc.:

There are not any grocery stores in City Park itself, but there are several just west of the neighborhood.

  • The Safeway at 757 E. 20th Ave. contains a pharmacy and a Starbucks.
  • King Soopers at 1331 N. Speer Blvd. is open 24 hours.
  • 7-11 at 3177 E. Colfax Ave. has an ATM.




  • City Park encompasses 370 acres, which includes three man-made lakes. Several facilities around the park can be rented by the public for events, including the City Park Pavilion.
  • The City & County of Denver acquired the park in 1881. The golf course was built in 1913, followed shortly thereafter by the zoo in 1914.
  • City Park hosts the free and ever-popular City Park Jazz concerts during the summer. The free concerts are held at 6 p.m. on Sundays during selected weeks in the summer.


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