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Alamo Placita Neighborhood in Denver


Alamo Placita Park

The Alamo Placita neighborhood is named after Alamo Placita Park.

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The Alamo Placita neighborhood is named after a small gem of a public park, the Alamo Placita Park, located north of Speer Boulevard. According to the Alama Placita Neighbors Association, the neighborhood is bounded by Speer Boulevard to the south and zigzags from 6th Avenue to 7th Avenue to the north.


According to 2011 data from City-Data.com, Alamo Placita was home to 1,800 residents. The neighborhood features a mix of condos, apartments and single-family homes. The median household income for Alamo Placita was $68,813 in 2011, slightly higher than the median of $47,371 for the City & County of Denver. Married couples made up 27.3% of households in Alamo Placita in 2011, with 42.2% of households married couples with children. In 2011, the median age of Alamo Placita residents was 36.4 years for men and 33.7 years years for women, about the same as the median age for the City & County of Denver.


Sixth Avenue is home to a variety of restaurants and coffee shops for every taste.

  • Little India at 330 E. 6th Ave. offers lunch buffets and traditional Indian dinners.
  • Lime XS at 730 E. 6th Ave. features healthy Mexican food and unique margaritas.
  • Pablo's Coffee at at 630 E. 6th Ave. offers a gathering place for hipster coffee lovers. No Wi-Fi.



Alamo Placita has several local schools near the neighborhood, although Denver Public Schools allows students to pick the schools they want to attend.

  • East High at 1545 Detroit St. is one of Denver's four original high schools of North, East, South, and West.
  • Morey Middle School at 840 E. 14th Ave. serves grades 6 - 8.
  • Moore Elementary at 846 Corona St. offers classes for K - 5.


Grocery Stores, Etc.:

  • Safeway at 560 Corona St. is open from 5 a.m. - 11 p.m.
  • Chase at 1038 E. 6th Ave. has a branch with a 24-hour ATM.


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