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Door to Door Organics Delivers Fresh Produce

Local Farms Direct to Your Door


Door to Door Organics

Carrots and beets are among the fresh vegetables delivered by Door to Door Organics.

Photo courtesy of Door to Door Organics
Updated April 13, 2011
Door to Door Organics, a company based in Lafayette, Colo., delivers fresh produce from local farms directly to customers' doors. “We try to get as much as possible as we can from Colorado, and our boxes are typically 80% to 90% local from our Colorado market" during the growing season, said Andrea Daily, director of marketing.

This summer, the company will also offer a 100% local box from June to October. The Local Farm Box will include produce from 15 Colorado farms from Longmont to Hotchkiss. Customers can also substitute in tropical treats such as bananas and mangoes, which do not grow in Colorado's climate.

“What we do is bring a wide variety of organic produce right to the customer’s doorstep, and we offer a huge amount of flexibility and convenience,” said Daily. Customers can switch out the types of produce they want in their delivery through an online portal. For example, if a customer has an aversion to artichokes they can reach for peaches instead.

Door to Door Organics started in Lafayette in 2004, and has expanded to other urban markets such as Kansas City and Chicago. According to Daily, the company delivers more than 50,000 pounds of produce each week to Colorado households and offices.

Customers can select from four sizes, ranging from a Bitty Box ($24.99) for one to two people to a Large Box ($59.99) for a big family. The boxes are available for weekly or bi-weekly delivery, and can be a mix of fruits and vegetables or just one or the other. However, the Local Farm Box is only available in two sizes of Bitty or Small.

Door to Door Organics also delivers to office buildings through a co-op program. The co-op requires four or more deliveries to one address, and customers can receive a delivery discount or donate the difference to a food bank.

Anne Gatzke Peters, an account executive for health risk management in Denver, participates in her company's co-op program. "I think it’s awesome, now that I’ve figured out that you can customize what’s in the box,” said Peters.

Peters, 37, has ordered the biweekly Bitty Box for around a year, and also appreciates the convenience of the delivery to her office. “I hate going to the grocery store, so I go once a month, but you can’t buy produce once a month," she said. Peters said the amount of fruits and vegetables is more than enough to feed her husband and child.

However, Door to Door Organics may not be ideal for every household. Cory Portnuff, an audiologist in Denver, ordered the Bitty Box for three months in 2009 but discontinued the service. “It just wasn’t worth the money I was spending on it to get a random assortment of vegetables,” he said.

Portnuff, 28, also recounted one week when he received a delivery of five red onions. While he and his roommate found a recipe for an onion tart, he now shops for his vegetables at King Soopers.

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