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Top 5 Pizza Places in Denver

Satisfy Your Craving in the Mile High City


Looking for a good slice of pizza in the Mile High City? Visit one of the top five pizza places in Denver to satisfy your craving for a slice. Denver does not have a distinctive pizza style, but you can find thin New York-style crusts or deep-dish pizza to suit your tastes. Homegrown BeauJo's Pizza is famous for its thick crust, which can be eaten with honey in a Colorado twist. Pizza places that offer gluten-free varieties are also noted.

1. Benny Blanco's Slice Of The Bronx

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Benny Blanco's in Capitol Hill lives up to its name with ample slices of thin-crust pizza. The hole-in-the-wall establishment offers a counter with no seating, but the delicious slices make up for a lack of ambiance. Slices are available with your choice of a wide variety of toppings for reasonable prices. Benny Blanco's pizza is also available for delivery. The pizza counter, which can be hard to spot for first-timers, is sandwiched between Wax Trax and the Snakepit on 13th Ave.

Benny Blanco's Slice Of The Bronx
616 East 13th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

2. BeauJo's Colorado Pizza

The first BeauJo's was established in Idaho Springs, Colo., in 1973, but the restaurant quickly spread to neighboring towns. The south Denver location at the intersection of Colorado and Yale lacks the quirky charm of the original, but the pizza still packs a punch. Try the original Honey White or Honey Wheat crust, a thick hand-rolled crust which can be eaten drizzled with honey. Thin crust and gluten-free pizza is also available.

BeauJo's Colorado Pizza
2710 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222

3. Lala's Wine Bar and Pizzeria

Lala's Wine Bar and Pizzeria offers authentic Italian-style pizza, along with a wide selection of wines for accompaniment across from Governor's Park in central Denver. Don't miss the lunch special from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. from Monday through Friday, which offers a personal pizza, salad and soda for $7.95. The one drawback to Lala's is the lack of service, as I've had to flag down the inattentive wait staff more than a few times to order. Lala's also offers gluten-free pizza, as well as limited delivery.

Lala's Wine Bar and Pizzeria
410 E. 7th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

4. Proto's Pizza

Proto's Pizza in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver offers Neapolitan pizza to the Mile High City. The restaurant founded by Pam Proto in features a patio for outdoor dining, as well as a small dining area. The only downsides to Proto's Pizza is its limited wine list and lack of delivery, although pizza is available for take out. Gluten-free pizza is also available.

Proto's Denver
2401 15th St.
Denver, CO 80202

5. Pizza Fusion

Organic pizza with a mission is offered at Pizza Fusion on Colfax Avenue in downtown Denver. The franchise is operated by a subsidiary of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, which hires former homeless people to staff the restaurant. However, the wait staff has always been polite and prompt to take orders when I've eaten there. The pizza is made from scratch with no artificial preservatives. Gluten-free pizza is available, as is pizza for delivery.

Pizza Fusion‎
571 East Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

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