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Flurry of Business Lands at SIA Snow Show

2013 Trends for Ski Industry


Updated November 06, 2013
DENVER -- The Mile High city has seen a flurry of snow-related business during the past few days at the Colorado Convention Center. The SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Snow Show, a trade show for the ski and snowboard industry, attracted more than 19,000 attendees to view the latest gear and trends.

The Snow Show attracts big-name brands such as Elan, Spyder and other companies, but can also be a boon for small businesses. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, based in Arvada, Colo., has attended the trade show for a dozen years. The sunscreen is fragrance-free and designed for high altitudes, which makes it popular among skiers and boarders.

"We've had high-altitude testing because for every 1,000 feet in elevation, there's a 5% increase in UV intensity," said Sean Zimmerman, general manager of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. Zimmerman handed out free samples to attendees from a booth in the Mile High Ballroom at the Colorado Convention Center. "Our sunscreen is for the sports enthusiast, and for everyday use as well," he said.

The SIA Snow Show ran from Jan. 31 through Feb. 3, and then moves to the mountains for on-mountain demos of the latest equipment. The SIA On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest will be held on Feb. 4 through 5 at Winter Park Resort and Devil's Thumb Ranch.

"The fun and productive gathering we have at the On-Snow Demo is a great summary of the entire SIA Show week in Colorado," said David Ingemie, president of SIA, in a statement. "Being out there on the snow experiencing new product is the best way to get excited about the coming season."

Other trends for the avid skier and boarder include a variety of equipment to stay warm and look cool on the slopes. BeardSKI, a false beard available in a variety of colors, keeps your chin warm while giving skiers and boarders that authentic mountain-man look.

More practical trends include gloves that allow skiers to text without removing the gloves, and electric gloves that will keep digits toasty while in the cold. Demand for gloves that can be used for backcountry skiing is also on the rise. "We’ve seen steady growth in our technical glove category. With more skiers/snowboarders traveling in the backcountry, the demand for a glove that can be used with ropes and tools has been a big request in the marketplace," said Adam Green from Scott Sports in a statement.

The market for children's ski equipment was also represented at the Snow Show. Lucky Bums offers "real gear for kids," including ski equipment and snowboards, for prices under $100. Sharkies also offered samples of their organic sports chews designed for children, which look like gummy candy but include 100% daily values of Vitamin B and C.

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