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Outdoor Public Swimming Pools in Denver

Beat the Heat in 2014



Eisenhower Pool is open to the public in southeast Denver.

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Splash into summer at one of Denver's 16 outdoor pools. Daily admission during the week for Denver residents is $1 for children, $2.50 for young adults, $3.50 for adults and $2 for seniors. Denver residents may also purchase seasonal pool passes.

School-age children who qualify for the MyDenver card receive free admission to outdoor pools, as well as all recreation centers run by the City & County of Denver. The card is available for children ages 5 - 17 who reside in Denver, regardless of where they attend school. Denver's swimming pools are open from June 9 - August 17, 2014.

At minimum, pools are open from noon - 5 p.m., with some pools staying open later. The pools offer the basics, but do not expect amenities such as padded lounge chairs or snack bars. Instead, plastic chairs and vending machines are available for use. Inflatable flotation devices or swim rings are also not allowed. Phone numbers for Denver swimming pools are listed below.


  1. Aztlan Swimming Pool
    Location: 4435 N. Navajo St.
    Phone: 303-455-4637


  2. Barnum Swimming Pool
    Location: 370 N. Hooker St.
    Phone: 303-937-4611


  3. Berkeley Swimming Pool
    Location: 5031 W. 46th Ave.
    Phone: 303-455-3856


  4. Congress Swimming Pool
    Location: 914 N. Elizabeth St.
    Phone: 303-321-1161


  5. Cook Swimming Pool
    Location: 1655 S. Oneida
    Phone: 303-865-0629


  6. Eisenhower Swimming Pool
    Location: 4300 Dartmouth Ave.
    Phone: 303-692-5615


  7. Garfield Swimming Pool
    Location: 1295 S. Lowell Blvd.
    Phone: 303-937-4612


  8. Globeville Swimming Pool
    Location: 4700 Logan St.
    Phone: 303-292-2358


  9. Green Valley Ranch Swimming Pool
    Location: 4455 Jebel St.
    Phone: 303-373-8713


  10. Harvard Gulch Swimming Pool
    Location: 550 E. Iliff Ave.
    Phone: 303-698-4953


  11. Harvey Park Swimming Pool
    Location: 2150 S. Tennyson Way
    Phone: 720-865-0557


  12. La Alma Swimming Pool
    Location: 1120 Osage St.
    Phone: 303-572-4622


  13. Mestizo/Curtis Park Swimming Pool
    Location: 3181 Champa St.
    Phone: 303-292-2363


  14. Ruby Hill Swimming Pool
    Location: 1555 W. Mexico
    Phone: 303-742-1003


  15. Southwest Swimming Pool
    Location: 9200 W. Saratoga Pl.
    Phone: 720-865-0670


  16. Swansea Swimming Pool
    Location: 2650 E. 49th Ave.
    Phone: 303-295-4459

Looking for some other ways to cool off this summer in the Mile High City? Check out Water World and Elitch Gardens Theme Park.

Swim lessons are also available at the pools listed above for an additional fee. Each session runs for two weeks.

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